Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's your cell phone story?

I didn't have a cell phone story until today. I have heard some funny ones...like my mom dropping hers in the toilet at work and it was an automatic flush and it flushed before she could get it out! I don't think mine is quite that good but now I at least have a cell phone story. Today I was outside with Josh (we were watching the chickens) I was talking to Nora on my cell phone, and Josh got distracted by something in the pool. So, I followed him near the pool and as I was standing there a gnat flew in my nose. I'm not sure why I didn't swat at it with my other hand, but with the hand I was holding the phone with. The phone went flying into the pool and all I hear come out of Joshy's mouth is "UH-O." It's is favorite thing to say right now. For a split second I thought about diving in and getting it (like it was my kid or something) but I went for the pool net and grabbed it out. I let it dry out and it seems to somewhat be working. Certain numbers are not, but maybe it just needs a few more hours to chill out???? If you need to get a hold of me, call the house phone! What is your cell phone story?