Sunday, April 19, 2009

Camping at Pismo Beach

For spring break this year we went camping at Pismo Beach. We went with our friends the Fords who have three boys the exact same age as our kids. So that's six kids ages five and under! They all did great! We started off our trip by going to a restaurant of all places. Everyone was well behaved and ate a very good lunch. It was a fun start to the trip. The next three days consisted of playing in the dirt and more playing in the dirt! Allison made 24 mud pies to be exact. The kids literally played in the dirt for twelve hours strait! We did walk to the beach but it was too windy to stay very long. They didn't mind leaving because they knew the dirt was waiting for them back at camp! Our campsite was next to a lagoon and there were geese that were very entertaining. One had just laid an egg and was very protective of the area. It was fun to watch the kids being chased away by the family of geese. We did all the typical camping stuff like roasting hot dog, making smores, and just hanging out.
The kids played awesome together and luckily no one got hurt. Josh got a fever the second day and was very mellow and just wanted to sit on our laps. It was kind of nice because I didn't have to worry about him getting into too much stuff. Overall, we had a great time camping at Pismo Beach. We might even try it again this summer when the weather is a little warmer. Enjoy yet another video!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun Month!

The past month has been a fun one. Ryan planted a garden with the kids, he does it every year and they love it. We also went to Disneyland on Ryan's birthday. It was a school holiday so we made the day of it! We had such a great time. After Nora had her baby we took Charlie for a few days and had the best time with him. We made cookies, watched Mickey Mouse Club House (with the stuffed characters, of course, that we got at Disneyland) played outside a lot, and went to Allison's awards assembly. She got a perfect attendance award and a reading award. She was so proud! It was worth the hassle of waking up the three boys from their naps to drag them to a hot cafeteria, to be at a not very exciting hour assembly. It was a pain for me, but it meant the world to Allison! To top off the month the kids got to meet baby June. They were sooo excited to finally meet their new cousin. All these fun activities and this warm weather is making me excited for summer! It's my favorite time of year. Here is another's just easier to make than posting a million pictures!