Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do You Ever Feel Like...

Martha Stewart, WonderWoman, or SuperMom? To answer my own question... RARELY! But the other day I had one of those one in a million days that I just had to document! I think the stars, moon, hormones, all have to be in some kind of perfect alignment for these "un-normal" days to occur. I wish they came around more often, but for now I will just fondly remember the great day that it was. To begin Allison and Zachary both woke up in good moods, and even better they didn't come immediately into our room begging for us to get up. They just began playing together. They were sharing and laughing, and there was no arguing! Because they were being so good, I decided to do something fun with them and make homemade playdoh. We made two batches, a green one for Zac and a red one for Alli. They must have played with it for an hour! Again with no fighting. While I was getting lunch ready, they decided to switch clothes and pretended to be each other. Alli was talking like a boy, and Zachary like a girl (which isn't too hard because his voice is so high anyways.) I was in tears! They were being so funny and feeding off each other. They ate lunch, took a two hour nap and again woke up happy! In the time they were napping I got two loads of laundry done (washed, folded, and put away!) and I went to the store and got my grocery shopping done. When they woke up I decided to make chocolate chip banana muffins. The kids were in heaven licking the bowl and playing chef. The muffins turned out perfectly ( which is rare for me when I do any sort of cooking.) But this was the perfect day, remember? I then began dinner which was a new Mexican dish I found on-line. It turned out good and we had a nice family dinner. Everyone ate with no complaints. The day ended with all three kids bathed, reading books, and easily going to bed. I felt like the day had been a dream. There were no time-outs, lots of laughs, a clean house, good food, no TV, and happy kids! Unbelievable I know.

Alli was trying to show off the playdoh, and Zachary was enjoying the salty taste of it!

Here is my Alli-boy and my Zachy-girl!
The yummy chocolate-chip banana muffins!
Even though every day is not a perfect one, those faces are!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

5 Months!

My baby is not really a little baby anymore. But the good thing is that he gets cuter by the day! He is a very happy baby and still smiles all the time. He is nosy like his big sister and wants to be a part of the action. He eats like crazy even though he is still a string bean. I am going to start him on cereal this week. Maybe that will chunk him up! He loves rolling over ( he rolled off Nora's couch the other day. We even had pillows surrounding him. He cried for a second and then began smiling. I can already tell he is going to be "all boy.") He is drooling like crazy and loves putting things in his mouth. He is very ticklish and giggles so loud. He is such a fun baby. We love him so much!
Joshua 5 months Zachary 5 month (look at that chin!)
Allison 5 months