Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Adoring Big Sister

After baths, I usually let the kids watch a video (and then read books of course!) Allison decided that she wanted to lay on the floor instead of sit on the couch. Not a second later, Zachary got off the couch and sat by Alli on the floor. He kept looking at her and adjusting his hands to get them just like hers. He absolutely adores her. We'll see how long that last!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday Finale

Alli had a great 4th birthday. We finished off the day with Auntie Nora and Uncle Adam coming up. We took pizza to the park for dinner and played until it was dark.
We had a Funfetti Birthday cake, decorated by me (don't be jealous of my decorating skills!)
Alli opened her presents. Now that she is in the dinosaur class, Auntie Nora made her two dinosaur shirts to wear to preschool!
This present is so funny because every time we go to the grocery store Allison begs me to buy her Milano cookies. Of course, I always say no! We have never had these cookies in our house but she must have had them somewhere because she ask for them every time. But being such the nice mom that I am I got them for her birthday and I think you can tell they were just about her favorite gift!
Talking on the phone with her new jammies from Grandma Graham.
Playing one of her new games way past her bedtime. She just about had a meltdown when Uncle Adam almost won. The adults were good sports to let the tired birthday girl win!
Sound asleep at four years old!
One funny side note...We had been doing a countdown to her birthday starting at the beginning of the month. This morning when she woke up she said to me, "Mom, can we start marking off on the calendar until I'm five!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday Update

Grandma Graham brought over a treat before Alli went to Preschool
We took cupcakes to preschool to share with her friends. Alli was in charge of the sprinkles!
After school her request was Mac&Cheese for lunch and of course she had to wear the birthday hat that was given to her at preschool!
The party's not over yet! Stay tuned!

Feliz Cumpleanos!!

Dora was the first to wish Alli a Happy Birthday this morning! Thanks to Grandma Menlove, this life size balloon has made her day!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Hurray for Preschool!

As usual I have been very sick with this pregnancy, hence not a post for over a month. My life has pretty much consisted of throwing-up and laying on the couch. We were all surviving fine until Ryan had to go back to work last week. He was great entertainment for the kids and a big help to me. But for the past week I was all on my own and lets just say that no one had much fun. But the good news is that preschool started today! We are all a little happier now!
Zachy wouldn't let go of Alli's hand as they walked into the school
Allison is in the Dinosaur class and is way excited!
Saying goodbye.
I promise they did this all on their own!