Friday, February 29, 2008


When I was pregnant with Allison I had the room ready two months before she was even born. Funny how things change...Now I have two weeks until my due date and I just got the room put together for this baby to come. My friend Tonya, who live just up the street, gave us this cute bedding for the new baby. It was her son's bedding and he is now four, same age as Allison. Thanks Tonya for holding onto it, I love it! We decided to have all three kids in one room for now. Allison will start kindergarten in the fall, so the plan this summer is to let her have her own room and move the boys into the other room. But for now they will all share. Here is what three kids in one room looks like! The pictures are in a clockwise motion as you enter the room.
Allison's bed

Baby's crib and Zachy's toddler bed.
Dresser and changing table. I am lucky to have a decent size room to fit everything. I finally feel organized and ready for this baby to come. We are all getting excited over here. I'll keep everyone posted! I have had a few request of a post on the "belly," so maybe in the next day or two I will be brave enough to post one!