Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FIRST lost tooth & FIRST day of FIRST grade!

It was a close call, but Alli lost her first tooth before the first day of school! (within a couple weeks I should say) She was so sad in Kindergarten when all the other kids were losing teeth and she wasn't. But now she gets to start first grade with a cute hole in her mouth. She is so proud! How the tooth came out...Ryan put on his head gear, tied dental floss around the tooth, gave it a pull, and out it came! Personally, I wasn't fond of this method, but Allison didn't think twice and she said it didn't hurt at all. This is a perfect dad job!
Here is the tooth hanging from the floss!

The proud smile! (Her teeth are a little yellow...maybe lighting from the camera, maybe not!)

First day of school pictures to follow!