Saturday, March 21, 2009

1st Haircut

I finally took Josh to get his first haircut. He has needed it for a while, but I just kept putting it off. Maybe because I don't want my baby to look more gown up! We went to the a place called the Yellow Balloon. We took Zach there for his first haircut too. They get a cookie (which my kids love) play with toys, and of course when it's all done they get a yellow balloon. We also got to take home a certificate and some of Josh's hair. Ryan doesn't really see the point ( he wanted to cut it himself) but I wanted the memories and I think Josh had fun as well!

Loving the cookie!
This man was so sweet with Josh.

He loved the yellow balloon!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Josh!

Joshua is officially a year old! I feel a little sad knowing that he is not so much a baby anymore, but I know I just need to enjoy the present because it all goes by way too fast. He is interacting so much more with Alli and Zach and that it is fun to watch. He loves to play with balls, loves to eat, loves his bath, loves to be outside, and loves to be where the action is. He is just a fun baby. At his one year check-up he weighed 20lbs which is 25% and 30in which is 50%. For his first birthday we had Grandma, Auntie Nora, Uncle Adam, and Charlie over for dinner. We barbecued hamburgers (which Josh loved) and had a nice evening together. Josh LOVED his cake and probably would have eaten it all if I hadn't taken it away from him! Happy Birthday sweet boy!